KB310-SSRE Horizontal Stainless Steel Recessed-Mounted
New from Koala! One-piece modern baby changing table in Stainless Steel. Recessed-mounted, with Microban protection for hygiene, liner dispenser, and bag hook.
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This Baby Changing Station has been tested to support 200 lbs with minimal deflection.

Please note: This product is designed for infants only, up to 3.5 years of age and weighing less than 50 lbs.

ASTM and EN compliant. Meets ADA and Texas Accessibility Standard (TAS) requirements when mounted properly.

US Patent Nos. 8365328, 8276229, D605886, D601843

Canadian Patent No. 130179

European Community 1114367-0001, 1114367-0002

Australia Patent No. 325470

China Patent No. ZL200930004164.1

Taiwan Patent No. D136662

Unit Dimensions: 41 5/16” W x 26 7/32″ H (1050 mm x 666 mm)

Depth (closed): 2 23/32” (69 mm)

Extension (open): 17 13/32”(442 mm)

Shipping Weight: 80 lbs

Recessed, horizontal baby changing station that features one-piece, deep-drawn, uniform grain stainless steel exterior. This construction eliminates seams, sharp edges, and weld lines to form a modern aesthetic that helps upgrade the look of any washroom. Also available in a Black Matte finish (KB310-SSRE-MBLK).

Key product features include ADA and ASTM compliance, laser etched logo, and an easy to load and use dual-cavity dispenser for sanitary bed liners and diaper disposal bags. The KB310 comes with a wall-mounted, stainless steel bag hook to make accessing diaper bags easier and safer.

The polypropylene bed surface contains exclusive Microban® antimicrobial product protection, which reduces odor-causing bacteria between cleanings.





  1. Baby Changing Stations, Stainless Steel:
  2. Recessed-mounted horizontal design. (Koala Model KB310-SSRE)
  3. Recessed-mounted horizontal design with matte black finish. (Koala Model KB310-SSRE-MBLK)




  1. Section 061000 - Rough Carpentry, blocking in walls.


  1. Section 092100 - Plaster and Gypsum Board Assemblies, blocking in walls.


  1. Section 093000 - Tiling, coordination with tile layout and installation.


1.3          SUBMITTALS


  1. Product Data:  Submit manufacturer's data sheets for each product specified, including the following.
  2. Installation instructions and recommendations, including templates and rough-in measurements.
  3. Storage and handling requirements and recommendations.
  4. Cleaning and maintenance instructions.




  1. Manufacturer:  Provide products manufactured by a company with a minimum of 5 years successful experience manufacturing similar products.


  1. Single Source Requirements:  To the greatest extent possible provide products from a single manufacturer.


  1. Accessibility Requirements:  Comply with requirements applicable in the jurisdiction of the project, including but not limited to ADA, ICC A117.1, International Building Code (IBC), and state building code requirements as applicable.


  1. Baby Changing Stations:  Provide products which comply with the following standards and requirements.
  2. Antimicrobial Treatment:  Changing surfaces embedded with Microban®, with antibacterial claim substantiated by Kirby-Bauer test or other manufacturer approved equivalent standard industry test methodology.
  3. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  4. ICC A117.1 - Accessible and Usable Building and Facilities.
  5. ANSI  Z535.4 - Product Safety Signs and Labels.
  6. ASTM F2285 - Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Diaper Changing Tables for Commercial Use.
  7. ASTM G 21 - Standard Practice for Determining Resistance of Synthetic Polymeric Materials to Fungi.
  8. TAS – Texas Accessibility Standard
  9. European Standards:  EN 12221 Changing units for domestic use.
  10. CPSIA: Conformity with the U.S. Product Safety Commission product safety rules, bans, standards and regulations that include applicable chemical compliance requirements.


  1. Manufacturing Location:  United States.




  1. Deliver, store and handle materials and products in strict compliance with manufacturer's instructions and recommendations.  Protect from damage.


1.6          WARRANTY


  1. Manufacturer’s Warranties:  Submit manufacturer’s standard 5 year warranty for materials and workmanship and include a provision for replacement caused by vandalism.





2.1          MANUFACTURER


  1. Basis of Design Products: Based on the quality and performance requirements of the project, specifications are based solely on the products of Koala Kare Products, a Division of Bobrick, www.koalabear.com.  Location of manufacturing shall be the United States.


  1. Substitutions:  The Architect will consider products of comparable manufacturers as a substitution, pending the contractor's submission of adequate documentation of the substitution in accordance with procedures in Division 1 of the Project Manual.  Documentation shall include a list of five similar projects of equivalent size where products have been installed for a minimum of two years, and manufacturer's certification that products are fabricated in the United States.





  1. Recessed-Mounted Horizontal Design Stainless Steel Changing Station: 
  2. Basis of Design:  Model KB310-SSRE with external stainless steel bag hook as manufactured by Koala Kare Products, a Division of Bobrick.
  3. Basis of Design:  Model KB310-SSRE-MBLK in matte black finish with external stainless steel bag hook as manufactured by Koala Kare Products, a Division of Bobrick.
  4. Handles: Station shall have two solid handles that allow operation with less than 5 lbs. of force. Handles rest below 27” for cane detection when unit is in the down position.
  5. Front Panel shall be deep drawn, one-piece, seamless, 18-8, Type 304, 20 gauge (0.91mm) stainless steel with satin finish and laser etched logo with rounded corners.
  6. Aesthetics: Unit shall have no plastic covering or visible plastic on the front of the unit and no adhesive labels applied to the front panel.
  7. Flange: Deep drawn, one-piece seamless, 18-8, Type 304, 18 gauge (1.2 mm) stainless steel with satin finish. Flange edges and corners shall have radii that complements the arc on the top, bottom, and side edges of the front panel.
  8. Frame and Hinge Mechanism: Concealed 11-gauge chassis, compromised of 1” diameter integral steel-tubing that supports the changing bed and interacts with 11-gauge steel wall mounting bracket to provide steel-on-steel hinge stop. The wall frame shall serve as wall-mounting bracket.
  9. External Diaper Bag Hook: 18-8, Type 304, 3/4 inch (19mm) diameter, wall-mounted, solid stainless steel rod with satin-finish.
  10. Bed Surface: injection molded polypropylene with Microban® antimicrobial additive, and ISO 22196 tested for efficacy.
  11. Surface is contoured, concave and smooth. Bed surface shall be minimum 535 sq. in.
  12. Performance: Unit has minimal deflection from 90 degrees with a 200 lbs. static load placed in the center of the changing surface. Unit exceeds ASTM Standard F2285 static load requirement of 100 lbs.
  13. Complies with requirements applicable in the jurisdiction of the project, including but not limited to ADA, TAS, ICC A117.1, International Building Code (IBC), and state building code requirements as applicable. Also complies with ASTM Standard F2285, Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Diaper Changing Stations for Commercial use and EN 12221 for changing units for domestic use.
  14. Dual Cavity Dispenser: Includes integral spring tab to make dispensing bed liners and diaper disposal sacks easier. Total 50 liner capacity. Equipped with tumbler lock, keyed alike Bobrick restroom accessories.
  15. Operation: Concealed pneumatic cylinder providing controlled opening and closing of the changing station bed.
  16. Instruction Graphics:  Universal instruction graphics and safety messages in multiple languages.
  17. Safety Straps:  Replaceable, restraining straps.





3.1          INSTALLATION


  1. Install products in strict compliance with manufacturer’s written instructions and recommendations, including the following:
  2. Verify wall blocking has been installed properly.
  3. Verify wall location does not interfere with door swings or use of fixtures.
  4. Use fasteners and anchors suitable for wall substrate and project conditions.
  5. Install units at location and height indicated on the Drawings.
  6. Install units level, plumb and in proper relationship with adjacent construction.
  7. Adjust for proper operation.


3.2          PROTECTION


  1. Protect installed products until completion of project.


  1. Touch-up, repair or replace damaged products before Substantial Completion.