COVID-19 - Response from Koala

COVID-19 - Response from Koala

From the President of Koala International:

The close and trusted relationships we have built with you over our 114 years of continuous operation are the lifeblood of Bobrick & Koala. As we are all part of improving hygiene through restroom equipment, design and installation collectively we play a necessary role in addressing the challenges posed by COVID-19. Like you, we are focused on responding to the increasingly complex and evolving challenges over the past month and into the immediate future.

Our concern has been taking care of our employees and commitments to our customers. As we wrote previously, our North American and UK manufacturing facilities allow us to operate without major disruption thus far. We have adopted practices in keeping with local and national guidance, to include work-from-home strategies, social distancing and enhanced hygiene measures.

In the weeks ahead, we will continue to keep you updated on how we are doing and changes imposed by COVID-19.

Posted: Monday 30 March 2020